Compassion For Haitian Refugees – Dr. Candice Matthews

Compassion For Haitian Refugees

On September 20, 2021, Dr. Candice Matthews coordinated other grassroots organizations to assist with
volunteering for our Haitian brothers and sisters at the NACC receiving center in Houston, Texas.

Dr. Candice Matthews assisted with setting up sleeping beds and serving food for the Haitian refugees
that was bussed from Del Rio, Texas seeking asylum. Not to mention at the NACC the volunteers she
organized assisted with process 4 to 5 bus loads arriving daily.

In fact, Dr. Candice Matthews ensured volunteers were in place to assist with COVID Testing,
Translators, Cooks, and most importantly Social Workers.

Finally, Dr. Candice Matthews brought national attention thru the Rainbow Push Coalition Saturday
Forum with updates and strategic plan of actions here in Texas.

Dr. Candice Matthews
Dr. Candice Matthews
Dr. Candice Matthews

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