“Image Me” Self Esteem Workshop, with guest appearance “LIL BRI” Season 4 of The Rap Game

On March 18, 2018 Devine Creations debutantes held a awesome workshop on self esteem for young ladies. This year’s debutantes must attend a 8 month program which covers etiquette, manners, table etiquette, self esteem, self confidence,posture and poise and a host of other empowering workshops. This event was held at a private location, and it was great.

With a special appearance from “LIL BRI” from Season 4 The Rap Game. LIL BRI spoke so eloquently about being humble and never changing. This young lady makes us Houston pride, by empowering youth everywhere to be themselves no matter what.

Ms. Verna Caddie, The Founder of Devine Creations Debutante/Cotillions also, gave out “The Amazing Youth Award” to Journie Bell, who is an awesome young lady.  Journie Bell. Journie is an 8 year old actress, model, dancer, and entrepreneur. Also, making an appearance was LiL Miss. Happy Head Samyria Spriggs.




“LIL BRI” and Devine Creations Phylicity


“LIL BRI” and Miss. Devine Creations Amiya Doss


LIL BRI and Maghan McDermott


Ms. Verna Caddie and Journie Bell

For more information about Devine Creations Debutante Program, please contact:





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