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What is a consulting firm? A consulting firms is a business of one or more experts which provides professional feedback to an individual or an business for a fee.

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  • Business Etiquette

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“Black is King” A Film by “Beyonce”

A debutante ball is a formal ball that includes presenting debutantes during the season, meaning usually during the spring or summer. Debutante balls may require prior instruction of social etiquette, and appropriate morals.

Here, in Houston,Texas “Devine Creations” our Debutante Balls are held each year. Our main focus is to empower young ladies through etiquette. Allowing them to know who and whose they are. We are so happy to view the “Black is King” film and see that Beyonce brought attention to those beautiful debs.

“Black is King” A Film by “Beyonce was absolutely amazing! The 24 -time Grammy award winning , directed and executive produced the album., and as usually she did an amazing job. She seems to always do things with excellence.

As, a Debutante Coach I am so happy that the amazing Beyonce showcased the Debutante presentation.

We salute you Queen Beyonce!

Devine Creations 4

Devine Creations Pictures

Debutante Ball Girls Devine Creatons

Devine Creations 5

Devine Creations 7


Devine Creations Pictures 3

Devine Creations “Debutante” program is currently enrolling young ladies ages 8-18 years of age.

Each young lady will receive training in:




Self Esteem

How to be a young lady

Social Media

Personal Development

How to walk

Poise and Posture and much more:

For more information contact: (832) 606-2280


Mother’s and Daughters Tea with a Purpose


Mother’s and Daughter’s around the world should have a strong bond, only a woman can teach a little girl how to be a woman. In most cases. Some mothers and daughters have great relationships and some mothers and daughters do not have strong relationships.

With so much going on in today’s society self esteem, peer pressure, social media ect, our children need to know that they have great relationships with their parents so that they can talk to about anything.

On September 15,2019… We are celebrating Mother’s and Daughter’s around the world. Expert Etiquette Coach Caddie, Founder of The Etiquette Professionals Network & Devine Creations Debutante/Cotillions will have a tea and etiquette workshop for mother’s and daughter’s to bond.

We will also award awesome mother’s and daughter’s with the Mom & Daughter Duo of the year!

Tickets for this event will be: $80.00

Dress Attire: Sundays Best

Brunch, Gifts and a host of other games for moms and daughters to bond.




M_D Flyer design at Maxproduction PDF 2

Flyer design at Maxproduction JPEG 2-4


Expert Etiquette Coach Caddie



International Pastors & Leaders Conference

Bishop T.D. Jakes’ International Pastors & Leadership Conference Equips Leaders with Tools for Success

Tampa, Fla., April 23, 2019—Thousands of leaders across the globe are attending a three-day gathering for teaching and training across multiple fields and spheres of influence. This year’s International Pastors & Leadership Conference will be held in Tampa, April 25 – 27, and was inspired by Bishop T.D. Jakes’ best-selling book, SOAR!: Build Your Vision from the Ground Up.
Bishop T.D. Jakes, entrepreneur and senior pastor of The Potter’s House, has convened a team of thought leaders, speakers and executives to provide advanced training in relationships, processes, workflows, investments, marketing, advertising, communication and more. The conference will also address today’s cross-generational environments. Breakout session topics include cyber security, mental health, staff diversity, social justice, the art of preaching, artist development and how to handle change. Jakes will also be unveiling his latest book, Crushing: God Turns Pressure into Power.









Woman Thou Art Loose Masterclass


This year’s Woman thou art Loose Master class was awesome.  It was filled with the powerful move of God. You must attend, if you missed it. Trust us you will leave, renewed. With thousands of guest, everyone was so eager to hear the word of God, and we all did! As, always, Bishop T. D. Jakes did not disappoint us, he came with his powerful word, he is most certainty the GREATEST!!

20181019_143729 (1)

With such before decor, even our assistant editor enjoyed herself on a beautiful pink couch with a lovely pink carpet, and pink lamps.

20181019_144113 (1).jpg20181019_144033 (1).jpg

20181020_080233 (1).jpg

20181020_084300 (1)

20181020_08451420181020_084643 (1)20181020_091159 (1)IMG_20181022_201638_445 (1)IMG_20181019_171958_733 (1)IMG_20181019_163546_763 (1).jpg


20181020_090904 (1).jpg

Juanita Bynum, Ph.D.

The 2018 Woman, Thou Art Loosed! Master Class runs until Oct. 20 at The Potter’s House in Dallas. For more than 25 years, Woman, Thou Art Loosed! has been training, teaching and inspiring more than half a million women. This year’s new Master Class format will feature breakout panels on topics such as the challenges female leaders face in male-dominated work environments, how to achieve work-life balance, how to succeed in corporate America and tips to maintain healthy relationships. Visit for more information on confirmed speakers, talent, the full schedule and special event updates.
Stay connected on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by following @MyWTALConf.
About The Potter’s House
Founded in 1996, The Potter’s House is a 30,000-member nondenominational, multicultural church and humanitarian organization led by Bishop T. D. Jakes. Consistently ranked among the largest and most influential churches in the U.S., The Potter’s House has five locations across Texas, Colorado and California. For more information, visit

Ms. Caddie, Devine Creations Debutante Ball & Gala 2018

On September 30, 2018, Ms. Verna Caddie , Founder of Devine Creations Debutante /Cotillions held its 11th Annual Debutante Ball and Gala, which was held in Humble, Texas at The Humble Civic Center.

This year’s Debutante Ball and Gala theme was : ” An Evening of Elegance” 6 young ladies were presented the Houston’s society. A Debutante Ball is a celebrations of people gathering together to celebrate their daughter’s entrance in young adulthood. The Debutante Ball also known as a cotillion.

Devine Creations Debutante Ball and Gala, also honored several men and woman in the Houston area, with the “Rona Burns Williams Community Service Award” honoring these awesome men and woman for their service in and around the Houston community.

Decorated in Black and Which beautiful decor, and catering which was provided by All Seasoning Catering. Everyone who was in attendance enjoyed this spectacular evening.



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Houston Black Heritage Festival












This year’s fourth annual Houston Black Heritage Music & Arts Festival will be one for the books! Sponsored by Allstate, T-Mobile, The City of Houston, Houston First, Compassion International, The Principle Partnering Group LLC, Silver Eagle and others.  The George R. Brown Convention Center will host the 2018 festival in Houston, Texas spanning two days – August 11th and August 12th. Over 50,000 people are expected to be in attendance.

This all-weekend event will be jam-packed with guest speakers, artists, poets, performances and world-renowned musical guest entertainers. There will also be an array of activities, namely a volunteer workday partnering with Volunteer America in the rebuilding of Houston after Hurricane Harvey.

This year’s artist will be Grammy award-winning Lalah Hathaway, and lead singer of legendary R&B group Mint Condition, Stokley Williams.

This is a must-attend event that you don’t want to miss. There will be something for the entire family, including an interactive youth zone. This years youth zone will feature all kinds of great activities for the kids. The guest Dj is spineralla herself 11-year-old DJ Layla! Kids will enjoy food, fun, and activities sponsored by the city of Houston.


  • T-Mobile gives back with sponsorship of the 4th annual Houston Black Heritage Festival
  • Lalah Hathaway and Stokley Williams tear down the Stage at the 4th annual Houston Black Heritage Festival.
  • Earnest Pugh , Jessica Reedy, and Vincent Powell headline Sundays Black Heritage Festival
  • I AM SO KATE boutique showcases at the 4th annual Black Heritage Festival, winning boutique of the year!www.IAMSOKATE.NET
  • Vendors surplus over 10k in revenue at the 4th annual Black Heritage Festival.



Resized_20180811_145923_8991Resized_20180811_145806_3606 (1)


E headshotE. English (Photo credit)

The Earnest Living Tour


The Earnest Living Tour, which was hosted in Houston, Texas on June 16, 2018.  This amazing tour gave all of the attendees the  knowledge needed to be successful. Southern Belle Mag , Founder Ms. Verna Caddie and Sissy was on hand as Mr. Duke shared everything there is to know about brand building and he did not hold anything back, Mr. Duke was very open and honest with everyone. I am sure that everyone was very blessed by what was learned, and they are prepared with the tools needed to become the next millionaires.

Guest Speakers:
Jasmine Brand (Media Maven, Founder of | @thejasminebrand_
Dorion Renaud (Actor/TV Personality,  In The Cut on Bounce TV) | @dorionrenaud
Derrian Perry (Publicist, Cardi B, Blame It On Kway, etc.) | @iamphreshy
Yvonne Guidry (Social Influencer & owner of Spoiled Latina) | @spoiledlatina
Mikos (Lifestyle Specialist at Combs Enterprise, Brand Ambassador for Ciroc) | @iammikos



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Ernest Dukes is a successful brand builder, award-winning publicist and television producer. Owner of The Nottingham Group, a premiere boutique public relations firm based in Beverly Hills, Ernest’s passion is rooted in educating, inspiring and helping others realize their fullest potential. Born and raised in California, Ernest’s hustle and determination is unmatched. Ernest’s past and current client roster includes Fashion NovaNick CannonKeyshia Cole, K. Michelle, Jeezy112 & more. In addition to marketing and branding, Ernest is also a creative force in the television industry, currently producing on season 3 of BET Her’s From The Bottom Up in addition to the new late-night variety show Get Into It Forizzle starring Snoop Dogg & Tami Roman.




Ms. Verna Caddie, Founder of Devine Creations:

Southern Belle Mag:

The Etiquette Professionals Network

Houston Theatre Company Hosts Grand Opening During March to Commemorate National Theatre in Our Schools Month and World/National Theatre Day

As 1 Akins Productions’ grand opening festivities feature a panel of movie industry professionals and a full itinerary for aspiring actors and theatre lovers


Phylcity and  Gabriel Silva (Hollywood Actor)

HOUSTON, March 22, 2018 – Houston-based production company, As 1 Akins, opens its doors to the public during the month of March, which also commemorates the celebration of National Theatre in Schools Month as well as World and National Theatre Day, which is held annually on March 27. Both recognitions are commemorated with national and international theatre events organized to mark the occasions and reinforce the importance of theatre arts to entertain, heal and enrich lives.

Deloris Akins, owner of As 1 Akins Productions, will host the company’s open house and ribbon cutting, along with the Lake Houston Chamber of Commerce, at their new studio space. The festivities kick off on Saturday, March 24th with the open house from 1-4 pm. Special guests include child actor Gabriel Silva who has appeared in Hollywood films including “Live by Night” co-starring Ben Affleck and the upcoming movie “Godzilla” co-starring Academy Award nominees Vera Farmiga and Sally Hawkins. Enjoy complimentary refreshments, a live scene from the company’s upcoming stage play “Wrath Of A Broken Man,” industry talks with professional actors, giveaways, and information about upcoming training for children and adults. The following Monday, March 26th marks the official Lake Houston Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting from Noon-1 pm.

Birthed out of a vision to realize Akins’ own acting aspirations, her production company offers acting classes and stage productions tailored for all ages from aspiring actors looking to develop and hone their skills to individuals seeking to develop confidence through creative expression.

“When I started seeking acting jobs, I really had no clue on how to get started. So I thought to myself, why not write and put myself on stage, and I did,” Akins shared. “I always wrote plays as a child but never thought I could make a business out of it. I really want to help others’ dreams come true who are in the same situation I was in years ago.”

The family-owned and operated acting and production studio – run by Akins and her husband and children – offers year-round introductory acting training, including Auditioning Classes, Introduction to Method Acting, Improvisation, Monologues, Scene Study and Technique Classes, and Commercial Acting. After taking Akins’ classes, her students have gone on to appear in films and TV roles.


Since turning her passion to a profession in 2012, Akins has directed and produced five stage plays and in 2016 hosted “So You Want To Be An Actor,” an acting workshop featuring panelists, Charnele Brown (Kim from A Different World) and Nakia Dillard (founder of Aikan Performing Arts) who has appeared in the movie, Split and the TV series, The Wire.

The New York native aims to provide the Houston community with positive performances through plays and acting courses and to provide a stepping stone for individuals looking to get into the acting industry or boost their communication skills, power and presence.


“Our mission is to bring great entertainment and acting classes to Houston and surrounding areas,” said Akins. “We want to help youth and adults in the community grow their talent and get a head start on making their dreams come true; whether their dream is acting professionally or for fun, or to learn presentation skills and boost confidence, As 1 Akins has something for everyone. We would love to connect with the community at our grand opening events”

The new studio space where both events will take place is located at 1525 Lakeville Drive, Suite #102, Kingwood, TX 77339. For more information, visit RSVP to attend via


“Image Me” Self Esteem Workshop, with guest appearance “LIL BRI” Season 4 of The Rap Game

On March 18, 2018 Devine Creations debutantes held a awesome workshop on self esteem for young ladies. This year’s debutantes must attend a 8 month program which covers etiquette, manners, table etiquette, self esteem, self confidence,posture and poise and a host of other empowering workshops. This event was held at a private location, and it was great.

With a special appearance from “LIL BRI” from Season 4 The Rap Game. LIL BRI spoke so eloquently about being humble and never changing. This young lady makes us Houston pride, by empowering youth everywhere to be themselves no matter what.

Ms. Verna Caddie, The Founder of Devine Creations Debutante/Cotillions also, gave out “The Amazing Youth Award” to Journie Bell, who is an awesome young lady.  Journie Bell. Journie is an 8 year old actress, model, dancer, and entrepreneur. Also, making an appearance was LiL Miss. Happy Head Samyria Spriggs.




“LIL BRI” and Devine Creations Phylicity


“LIL BRI” and Miss. Devine Creations Amiya Doss


LIL BRI and Maghan McDermott


Ms. Verna Caddie and Journie Bell

For more information about Devine Creations Debutante Program, please contact: