Authors Virtual Conference

Author- Frederica Holton

About the author:

My life’s mission has always been to help with personal development in others to become secure in who they really are. My passion is building and elevating women and women of color by helping them with personal development to embrace self love, creativity, uniqueness, and entrepreneurship.

Being me + Loving me, has built a foundation of a Secure Creative, Unique, Entrepreneur = Better Me. Thank you for allowing me to help you Build a Better You!

Overview of the book:

Dear Miss Insecurity is a short piece that is written to reveal the act of insecurity predominant among women. It vividly depicts the ways women express insecurity and how their expression of insecurity affect their relationships. Engaging yourself with an insecure friend has a lot of negative impacts on your Life. It is very possible for you to have an insecure friend around you, and yet, you will not know. This book will reveal to you who a real friend is, and who an insecure woman that you need to stay from is. This is a piece you will always be glad you read. Open this book and start exploring the lifestyle of insecure women

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